Take a Closer Look

Different Project Overviews come together into one place with ClearStream.

PROJECT OVERVIEW – For smaller projects, all of the functions and classes can be displayed at the same time in user-selected color combinations.

PROJECT OVERVIEW W/ HIGHLIGHTS – Highlight Selected Classes to view specific Relationships.

PROJECT OVERVIEW – ZOOMED – Look at only a portion of the classes/functions that make up a project.

NETWORK NEIGHBORHOOD – Automatically identify subsystems (Neighborhoods) based on their identification of classes.

ARRANGE RECTANGLES MANUALLY – Simply ‘click’ on a class or function and drag it to a new location on the screen to create groups.

ENCAPSULATION CHART – Give a simple visual picture of how many classes might need to be redesigned.

FILE SELECTION – ClearStream will search through a directory tree to find all C++ related files, returning a list of the files and a count of which files were found.