In addtion to our flagship ClearStream product, Suwanee Creek Software also provides various services:


Most of our developers have been doing consulting across a number of industries for many years. Some of the industries we have worked in include:

  • Traffic Control Systems
  • Industrial and Factory Automation
  • Graphical display generation
  • Database control systems
  • Embedded Systems Controls
  • Device Drivers
  • Legacy Code Analysis

Expert Witness

Suwanee Creek Software has been consulted on several software copyright infringement disputes. The largest case involved serving as a Qualified Expert Witness in on a year long software theft lawsuit that involved hundreds of thousands of lines of C software, over 1,300 man/hours, and participating in depositions. This particular case was a win for our client when the company that stole the software agreed to accept our client’s demands.


We have hundreds of hours of classroom instruction under our belt, including development of courses that meet specific client demands. We would be happy to lend our experience to your company to develop a training plan for your individual needs.

Government Contracting

Suwanee Creek Software is a Disadvantaged, Woman-Owned Small Business, registered in the federal government’s System for Award Management (SAM) database. As such we are qualified to participate in federal contracts for consulting, training, and hardware procurement.